Shifts in your Life 

Spring always brings along rays of hope, you look for it and as gardens renew you see it. There’s about to be a shift in your perception , you are ready for the blessings of its beauty. The cold winter days and nights have put you through enough. There’s a breakthrough on its way.  Claim … Continue reading Shifts in your Life 

Same Again Tomorrow 

Loneliness is a malady that effect us all. Yes, the elderly feel it more. If couples or  a widowed parent lives alone they tend not to want to leave their home. The children visit but do not stay, they feel trapped and  bored and there’s hardly any conversation. They soon leave and the parents are … Continue reading Same Again Tomorrow 


 It is solved by walking *Saint Augustine On a cold night with a coating of snow walking is an invigorating endeavor. It clears the mind and it feeds the imagination with the shadows playing on the tree branches. I love walking. Be it in the morning or afternoon or  at night, I always find an … Continue reading Walking